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Bopp films are employed in the packing, laminating, and printing of foods. Polypropylene resin is extruded onto a biaxial stretching machine to create these highly efficient products. Bopp films provide strong heat resistance, moisture resistance, and transparency.
Thermal BOPP
Thermal Bopp films are a kind of polypropylene used in optical applications. These are ideal for numerous optical components, such as lenses, prisms, and optical waveguides. Thermal Bopp films can also be utilized for laminating journals, cosmetics, booklets, brochures, textbook covers, shopping bags, and more.
Heat Sealable BOPP
Heat sealable Bopp films are heat sealed which makes them perfect for food packaging since they create a barrier against moisture and oxygen. These are perfect for printing because these are smooth and transparent. Heat sealable Bopp films are designed for sophisticated product packaging, labelling, and decorative wrapping.
Polyster Film
Polyester films are a versatile plastic film possess remarkable fusion of optical, physical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. These are also used for numerous things, like as packaging, insulation, and graphic design. Polyester films can be opaque, translucent, or transparent.
Thermal Polyester
Thermal polyester films have three layers that are laminated by an adhesive. These can be used in a wide temperature range and have strong heat resistance. Thermal polyester films have good dimensional stability and are stretchy as well.
Metallized Polyester Film
Metallized polyester films have been coated with a thin layer of metal typically aluminium. These are a common barrier against oxygen, moisture, and light. Metallized polyester films can be used as a decorative material, electrical insulation, and food packaging, among other things.
High Glossy Polyester Film
High glossy polyester films are perfect for a variety of packaging, printing, and labelling applications since they are tough and long-lasting. Cable overwrap, wires, transformers, membrane touch switches, and flexible printed circuit boards are examples of popular applications.
Valvet Film
Velvet films are of high-quality and offer exceptional heat resistance and durability. These are also employed in numerous other industries, including the automotive and electronics sectors. Velvet films are found in printing and packaging industries due to their capacity to create prints of excellent quality.
Silky Matt Film
Silky matt films have a smooth, silky matte texture and are made of high-quality polyester material. These are utilized for laminating printed and unprinted paper and paper boards, including book covers, posters, journals, diaries, brochures, instruction manuals, folders, magazines, photo albums, etc.,
Hologaphics Bopp
Holographic Bopp films are frequently utilised for security considerations. Simply secure the glass plates together with two metal spring-type clamps while sandwiching these sheets between two plates of clear glass. Holographic Bopp films are the most straightforward method for novices.
Thermal Matt film
Thermal matt films are used for protecting heat-sensitive materials from heat sources. These are usually made from a range of substances, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC. Thermal matt films can be custom-cut to your specifications and is offered in a range of thicknesses.
Twist Polyester Films
Twist polyester films have great dimensional stability and high rigidity as a result of this treatment. These are used for a range of uses, including solar cells, food packaging, and laminating films. Twist polyester films are ideal for wrapping candy, chocolates, and other treats.

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